Dr. Louise Graham

Board of Advisors

Professor Bridgewater State University, Dr. Louise B. Graham is a licensed Counseling Psychologist and National Health Care Provider. She arrived at BSU in 1999 as the fourth full-time faculty member of the Department of Counselor Education. Dr. Graham taught for 20 years at the college level, working as a Psychologist at the Veterans Administration, holding General C Clinical Hospital privileges as a staff Psychologist in Counseling Psychology and a Harvard Medical School Clinical appointment. She concurrently continued to function as a part-time Psychologist and doctoral intern supervisor at the Veterans Administration.

In her 20 years at BSU, Dr. Graham pursued her scholarly work in the areas of crisis/disaster and with the military. She served as the coordinator of the Mental Health Counseling Programs and for International Students in the Counselor Education Program. Her other notable work includes: community service to the American Red Cross, serving in multiple roles; deployments for national and local disasters/ crises, Service to the Armed Forces, a member of the local Disaster Action Team, a member of the Mental Health Division, and as an instructor. Area of Expertise: PTSD, military, health -mindfulness, anxiety disorders.