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February 16 - February 18

Workshops will be based on PREP Inc., the gold standard for the development and dissemination of evidence-based relationship education curricula. While some of the values underlying strong and healthy relationships are timeless (e.g., respect, commitment, forgiveness), there is always more to learn about helping couples and individuals become more resilient. As well as providing cutting-edge knowledge, PREP also refines its educational strategies for teaching adult learners.


Retreat Features:


Communication Danger Signs

Speaker – Listener Technique

Events, Issues, and Hidden Issues

Fun, Friendship, and “Ground Rules”

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March 8

Veteran Women’s Retreat – March 2024

Join us for a 3-day retreat rejuvenation and adventure in Gilford, New Hampshire! Led and facilitated entirely by women. Workshops will be focused on wellness through lifestyle changes.

Workshops to Include:

  • Wellness & Self Care
  • Stress Solutions
  • Effective Communications

Activities Include:

  • Snowshoe Hike
  • Yoga
  • Functional Fitness
  • AND more!

March 8

Veteran Winter Retreat – March 2024

Camp Resilience, a proud partner of Badger Wilderness Guides, offers an exclusive Bushcraft Skills Retreat. Bushcraft is all about acquiring skills and knowledge  that can help a person survive in the wilderness. 


“The Frozen Chosen WX” (Winter eXcursion) serves as a way for veterans to get away from the difficulties of civilian life and simply enjoy the camaraderie of other veterans, get to know themselves again and reset the compass. BWG Veteran Wellness Programs facilitate and guide a myriad of participant backgrounds, abilities, and needs.

Retreat includes:

  • Fire-craft
  • Building shelter
  • Water sourcing
  • Tracking
  • Navigation and more!


March 22

Resiliency & Wellness Retreat – March 2024

In partnership with William James College, Camp Resilience offers this retreat to Veterans and Service members. Workshops will be focused on effective ways to work through challenges, improve well-being, and building your resiliency skills through small-group discussions and hands-on activities.

You Matter. Your Health Matters.

Join us for three days of rejuvenation and adventure in Gilford, New Hampshire

The retreat will feature:

  • Life Skills Workshops
  • Daily Facilitated “Rap” Sessions
  • Tai Chi or Yoga

AND other FUN activities, such as

  • Snowshoeing
  • Skiing
  • Relaxing by the fire
  • And MORE…

*Lodging, meals, and activities are provided at no cost to participants.

Patriot Resillience Leader Institute dba Camp Resillence is a tax-exempt 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization, EIN #: 46-4105905