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Other Ways to Get Involved or Give

Support Patriot Resilient Leader Institute with a Gift that Lasts

Planned Giving

Planned giving is referred to as gift planning or legacy giving. It is donor’s intention to contribute a major gift to an organization, beyond their lifetime. Unlike an annual gift, which is utilized to support the organization’s current needs, a planned gift enables the charity to be financially secure for many years to come. Donors, during their lifetime, arrange for planned gifts to be distributed later, often upon their death. A donor will distinguish these major gifts through financial or estate planning.

By making a charitable, planned gift to Camp Resilience you provide lasting financial support for Veterans and First Responders in the greater New England community. Your financial support cultivates emotional and mental healing for those who have given so much to preserve our Freedoms. The Patriot Resilient Leader Institute through Camp Resilience has touched the lives of many, leaving a lasting impact on thousands of Veterans, First Responders, and their families.

You too, can make a difference in the lives of Veterans by contributing from your estate through a bequest or other planned gift such as: a gift of life insurance or other retirement assets and/or gifts of real estate. Below describes the types of planned giving opportunities.


Including a bequest in your will or a provision in your trust that directs a gift to Patriot Resilient Leader Institute provides you with an opportunity to create a lasting legacy. Generous Donors have included Patriot Resilient Leader Institute in their estate plan, either through a will, trust, life insurance policy or an IRA. Your will or estate plan can designate gifts of cash, real property, or retirement plan assets such as:

  • Specific bequest: a gift of a specific amount or piece of property.
    Example: “I give $5,000 or my XYZ common stock to Patriot Resilient Leader Institute, a nonprofit public charity, EIN # 46-4105905, for its general charitable purposes.”
  • Residuary bequest: a percentage of or the remainder of your estate.
  • Residuary bequest: a percentage of or the remainder of your estate.
  • Naming Patriot Resilient Leader Institute in a Will or Trust:
    Suggested language to include in a legal document, such as a Will or Trust:
    “Patriot Resilient Leader Institute is a nonprofit public charity, EIN # 46-4105905, organized and existing under the laws of the State of New Hampshire with its principal business address as:”

Patriot Resilient Leader Institute/Camp Resilience
P.O. Box 7384
Gilford, NH 03247-7384

Gifts of Life Insurance, IRAs, and Other Retirement Assets

It is easy to name Patriot Resilient Leader Institute as the beneficiary, or one of the beneficiaries, to a life insurance policy or any one of your retirement plans. By making a charitable gift in this manner, you may avoid estate and income taxes while creating a lasting legacy. Just as you review Wills and Estate plans periodically, you should also review the beneficiary designations on any life insurance, IRA, 401(k) or other retirement plan you own.

Perhaps consider gifting an “obsolete” insurance policy by naming Patriot Resilient Leader Institute as the owner. You may be entitled to an income tax deduction that is usually equivalent to the paid-up value or replacement value of the policy. Simply contact the administrator of your plan and ask for a Change of Beneficiary form. Those forms are often available on the company’s website.

Real Estate

Giving real estate, whether undeveloped, residential, or commercial, provides another method to make a tax-advantaged gift. If your real estate has grown in value, it may be a perfect asset to fund a charitable remainder trust. It is possible to continue the use of your home or property during your lifetime, while receiving the benefit of an immediate charitable tax deduction.